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The Journal Of Freya
So Glam!!
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26th-Feb-2009 06:03 pm - To be honest? I don't know.
Everything in my life has come to a stop.
My grades have fallen, I'm underachieving in most of my classes. I'm sick of my school. I don't want to be there anymore because of the crappy teachers and the shitty curiculum. My school, fails.
No wonder we are being made into an acadamy.
I'm sick of my house too. I got told by my own dad that he didn't want me here anymore. Because I was ill. He didn't want to have to ring up the school and tell them that I was ill. That's ok, I did instead and I've been off since Monday. And I don't plan on going back.
All I want to do is grab my stuff and get of the next train to the island. And never return.
Though, there is a few things, or should I say people, I'll miss.
1. Mikey. He's always been there for me and I don't know what I'd do without him. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks. I miss him.
2. Saffron. She's also been there for me too. And always makes me smile.
3. ... I don't think there is a number 3. I guess I'll miss my secret spot but I can always get a new one.

Anyone who reads this, I'm truely greatful that you took the time to read my horrible life story. And if your not on my list, I'm sorry. I can't think at the moment.

10th-Jan-2009 09:22 pm - Lol. I've not posted in agesssss!
I've been so busy. With school and stuffs. I went to go see Nik, It was fantasmo ^^
I just thought I'd just check up on things. Not much happening on here I guess.

I'll start writing regularly again, so you all don't miss me.
*huggles for all*

Freya x

14th-Nov-2008 08:18 pm - It's been a while.

I've not posted in a while now. I should really keep up.

Only I have nothing to write.

I got a new phone! And uh... I'm ill. Again.

Yeah, that's all I guess.

So I'm here!!
I've been here for like... ages. I don't wanna leave.
OMG I have a big surprise for you all. I'VE GONE BLONDEEEEEE!!!
I look awesome. Well, I think so and so does Nik.
He says "Hi." How boring.
I'm going bowling with him and his family tonight. Can't wait, gunna be a laugh.
I've met my mum now. She is so cool. She bought me new boots, new heelies, new shorts, new jacket, and new combats. Like, you can't say no to her! And she bought me a red curly wig.
SAFFRON!!! I need help looking for someone to cosplay with my wig. HELP.
Anywhos, I'm gunna jet. Gotta get back to playing SMO. Lol!!!

Mrs. Freya Howard <3

24th-Oct-2008 04:19 pm - Taking a break...

As you may know... or not, I'm off on my holiday tomorrow. So... I won't be posting in here until after half term.
But I will post!! I'll give you pics and info on how my holiday went.
I'm soooooo excited. I haven't been able to concentrate all day... well, I couldn't concentrate on anything but the clock!!
I was desperate to get home. OMG Sooooooo long!!! That 6 hours of school felt like a lifetime. The only fast thing was lunch, when I was lost in my music and my History coursework. XD Literally, lost.
Message while I'm gone for Saffronie:

Saffronie!! I hope you had fun at MCM Expo! I can't wait to see the pictures.
I wonder if you saw Lewis. He's cool ^^
Anyway, I'll be on Sunday 2nd so you can send me pics!!!

Until then,


Freya <3

17th-Oct-2008 05:04 pm - Just a week now!

Just a week left to wait before my trip! I can't believe I'm crossing England on my own. Well, until I get to Portsmouth anyway. Then, I'm meeting up with Nik and we are getting the ferry together. I can't wait to see him! I say that a lot. I bet you guys are thinking, "Stop talking about him so much!!" hehehehe
I'm still ill. I've got a sore thoat and I've been in bed watching movies for the past 3 days. God, I need a showerrrrrrr.
I'll get one tonight. Might make me feel better.
Right, I'm off. All this typing is knackering me out. That's how week I feel.

Mrs. Freya Howard <3
16th-Oct-2008 05:58 pm - Meh. So ill.

I just have to get ill the week before my holiday! My teachers are going to kill me. I feel so weak and tired. It's stress from school, I think. It's making me ill. Well, at least I'm not going to be ill next week. I hope. If I am then, I can't go on holiday T.T
I will go to school all next week! [insert coughing fit here]
All I've had to do is read books and watch anime. Not that that's a bad thing. I mean, I finished Azumanga Daioh. And I finally got to watch all of Princess Mononoke!! Such a good and sad movie :)
I now have a kitty with me. She says, "I'm a cat."

Mrs. Freya Howard <3
13th-Oct-2008 09:26 pm - I feel really crappy...

And I don't know why. I was really happy earlier. I wonder what happened.
So bored...
I gotta read for first lesson tomorrow. How boring. But I get last lesson off. NO HISTORY!!! WOOPEEE!!
That I'm very happy about.
I feel like SHITTTTTT!!!

Freya >.>
12th-Oct-2008 05:37 pm - Everybody's here!!

Nya! Everyone is gathered at my house :) Kay and Saffronie are playing with balloons XD
Dan and Jordan have gone for a walk. :S
I'm typing.
Mikey's trying on my dress.
Yeah. Everyone is being mad in their own special way...
I might kick some poeples out soon. Too crowded >w<
We got some wicked pictures. Us at the Embankment. We saw a guy called Josh, sleeping XD
He fell asleep and his and his friends bikes got nicked. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
He should have been paying more attention.
Well, I guess I'm gunna stop talking now.

Ichi-ban Kyu-ti Wa Freya-Chan Nya!! <3 XD
11th-Oct-2008 08:37 pm - Roll on Sunday!

Tomorrow! The long awaited Peterborough Cosplay Picnic! And we've added 2 more people to the list. Dan and Mikey :) Mikey is going as 'L' from Death Note. We are going to walk though town with him in bondage :D
So we are all set for it :D
I gots a nice smelling bath bomb. I'm gunna use it the morning I leave for IoW so I smell nice when I meet Nik :) I care about him so much, it's unreal. I'm a bit nervous about travelling though London on my own, but I'll get there in the end. Hopefully, not too late... XD Only 2 weeks away now. And they are going to kill me. I've been waiting over a month for this, I can't wait any longer!!! It's impossible! Well, for me it is. I'm just hoping I don't get lost in London. That would be hell! And in cosplay as well :'( I'm just hoping I don't get like.. groped on the tube or something like that. That would ruin everything !!!
Well, it wouldn't ruin everything, it would just be totally gross... ew.
So.. WHEEEEEE Roll on Sunday!! XD
I love Nik <3

Ichi-ban Kyu-ti Wa Freya-Chan Nya! <3
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